Logic of Disability Insurance

It’s hard to picture yourself as disabled to the degree where you have a serious injury or illness and are unable to work or earn any money. Most people are taught that everything will continue on in life just as it has always been without changing. Sadly, this is a downfall for many as they aren’t prepared to deal with financial emergencies or situations that occur like this out of the blue. Disability insurance can bridge the gap that occurs if a person is suddenly disabled or injured in an accident.

Many people don’t understand how often disabilities like this happen. The truth is, such disabilities are five times more likely to happen than a fire in the home. Fires are more visible and thus others can see them. Injuries and illnesses are often invisible and others who see you on the streets won’t really think you have a disability, that is, until they themselves become disabled. Invisible illnesses and disabilities are all around us and many of us don’t notice them or the results of them.

Disability insurance is protecting your income. If you don’t have this and your income suddenly stops because you are unable to work, what are you going to do? If your disability is longer than three months, how will you and your family cope? What will you do when your car is repossessed? How will you make the mortgage or rent payments on your home?

This is the true issue. It’s a very risky business. Most people get health insurance directly through their employer. With the advent of Obamacare, some employers are stopping this service and directing their employees to an exchange that the government handles. Of course, this eliminates disability coverages. If you don’t have it for any reason, you’ll need to find it and purchase it directly from an insurance company.